Overview URL API provides a live list of URL addresses that are currently known to be spreading or asscoiated with cyber attacks.

Code example

>>> import cybercure
>>> active_blocked_urls = cybercure.get_url_indicators('json')
>>> print ("Okay.. I got %s records, now showing them:" % active_blocked_urls['count'])
>>> for threat in active_blocked_ip['data']['urls']:
>>>         print "Are you blocking %s ?" % threat

data is always returned inside a data dictionary, in this API call the ip key will contain an array of the ip addresses that should be watched for.

Return Output

get_ip_indicators() accept 1 parameter and it should be one of the table shown below:

Type Description
json returns json document with standard response.
csv delimited text file that uses a comma to separate values It stores tabular data.
list ip list file, each with new line.
cef cef format via http for arcsight and friends.
stix stix2 json format returned as a stix bundle with indicator objects.